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“Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s artificial intelligence.” 

Dave Waters

If used right AI can humanly benefit

Artificial Intelligence can be scary. We believe that AI can add value and help human kind. Humans still need to make decisions as to which actions to take.

Content Marketeers are putting a lot of effort in including the correct keywords for their SEO strategy. They will also investigate with eye tracking where people read on the page.

We hope to bring insight to content writers as to which content sticks with their readers. 
This to make sure people really read everything which as a result increases trust and conversion and will also improve SEO Rankings

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    Keyword Analyses

    Our engine extracts the keywords from your content

    Sentiment Analyses

    Our AI determines the overall sentiment of your content and the individual keywords

    Emotion Analyses

    Find out how your content is emotionally perceived